Bundusan Industrial Park

To be a profitable leadership in commercial, retail and residential property,  we believe in teamwork, creativity, innovation, and long-term value to enhance our reputation for integrity through all our actions. We will consistently deliver and manage developments of lasting value to the community.

We had put our efforts toward to the satisfactory of our customers which both internally and externally. We try to understand and satisfy their needs and expectations in a timely, cost-effective and value-added manner. We seek for and share all the necessary information and relevant to complete our project to the best of our ability.

Bundusan Industrial Park is located in a good location which is within the prime district of Penampang. This strategic location gives the development site superb exposure with a quality and convenient accessibility for our customer.

We strive for professional excellence to the highest standard compatible with the goals of the project.

Bundusan Industrial Park is designed with contemporary architecture requirement in mind and surrounded by greenery. Dressed in a trend-setting “cubic” style that exhibits symmetrical balance and contemporary craft. There warehouses are designed to be efficient and easily adaptive to various industrial or office use.

Bundusan Industrial Park is located within the prime district of Penampang situated strategically close to superior infrastructures connecting to various conurbations such as Sabah Port, Kota Kinabalu International Airports, Sabah Railways, Seafood Paradise, Diving Spot and many more interesting amenities for work as well as for entertainment or leisure.

This strategic location gives the development site superb exposure with convenient access, positioning it as an ideal hub for smart and vibrant businesses and industries, with well-planned amenities within the nearby vicinities Bundusan Industrial Park enjoys a high level sources of skilled workers within the neighbour townships.

Windows Aluminium framing with cleared glass.
Floor Finishes Cement screed floor : Showroom/Warehouse, office and walkway
Homogenous tiles : Toilet,White Horse C30100
Wall Finishes External wall and Internal wall are cement plastering and painting.
1500mm high ceramic tiles for toilets, White Horse HHR3004
Paintings Cement based paint for exterior and approved emulsion paint for interior.

External Painting

> Nippon Paint Weatherbond Woodgrove 9574
> Nippon Paint Weatherbond White 15004
> Nippon Paint Weatherbond NPBGG 1624A Greenway
> Nippon Paint Weatherbond Deep 7023D Buttercup
Internal Paint > Nippon Paint Supermatex 145
Ironmongeries Quality lockset and accessories.
Ceilings Ground floor : Painting and suspended ceiling with exposed aluminium frame for toilet.
First floor : Suspended ceiling board with exposed aluminium frame
Sanitary and Plumbing Quality sanitary fittings and plumbing installations to authorities requirement.
> Water Closet, GRUS
> Water Basin, Claytan Iris 1049
> Doe Basin Tap PT30 & DOE PT 36
> Bidet, Anello Azure R9022 Harris Bidet Sprayer
Electrical Works All electrical wiring to be concealed/ conduit in accordance with SESB requirement


Owners are required to consult our appointed civil and structural engineer in respect of any works relating to the building extension, renovation, alteration and /or additional to any part of the unit and obtain their approval prior to commencing with the works to such building extension, renovations, alterations and/or additions.

In the event that owner shall proceed or commence with the works for the building extension, renovations, alterations and/or additions to any part of the unit without consulting and obtaining the approval from our civil and structural engineer, owner shall bear the full responsibility for all the risks and damage that may be caused to the unit and/or otherwise and we shall not be held responsible in respect of the same and further, owner shall indemnify and keep our company indemnified against all claims whatsoever in respect of aforesaid.