T1 @ Bundusan

T1 Bundusan illustrates the innovative use of space and ingenuity that has upped the benchmark for other developers in their quest to redefine the business landscape of Sabah. Utilising a modest land area of just 1.94 acres along Jalan Bundusan, the building exudes elegance and a valuable sense of space with its tall ceilings and inspiring facade. Earthy tones and indoor plants infuse a sense of warmth and nature into this modern structure.

Another key element, and perhaps the most distinctive architectural feature of T1 Bundusan, is its sky terrace located above the four levels of shops and offices. Its intricate design made to resemble a lantern floating in the air takes on a more surreal sense of beauty when it is lit up at night. High above the busy traffic below, the sky terrace is a haven of fun and relaxation that is perfect for get-togethers with family and friends.

Rising proudly along Jalan Bundusan opposite Beverly Hills Commercial Centre, T1 Bundusan is a modern architectural landmark that is set to transform the landscape of one of Kota Kinabalu’s fastest growing business districts.

Running through the heart of Luyang, one of the city’s major urban business and residential districts, Jalan Bundusan is easily accessible via a network of roads and flyovers to the city’s central business district and the commercial and administrative hub of Penampang.  

The arrival of T1 Bundusan could not have been better timed to take advantage of this prime location with excellent connectivity and growth potential. T1 Bundusan has carved a niche for itself in Kota Kinabalu as a benchmark for fresh and innovative ideas to grow within the property development industry and to set the standards for Bundusan to evolve into a modern and dynamic business and leisure centre in Kota Kinabalu.


Structure Aluminium framing with cleared glass.
Walls Lightweight concrete wall.
Party Walls Lightweight concrete wall.
Doors & Windows Main & others - Powder coated aluminium framed windows and doors with glass panels.
Washrooms - Powder coated aluminium framed doors with sandblast glass.


Cement rendered.
Ceiling Concrete slab soffit with paint finish
Washrooms Tiled floors and walls (to ceiling height). Quality ventilator provided
Sanitary Fittings Quality sanitary fittings and accessories.
Ironmongeries Quality locksets and ironmongeries.
Mechanical & Electrical Light, telephone line and power points will be provided according to M&E engineer’s specification. Central chimney will be provided for ground floor and 5th floor units only.




Owners are required to consult our appointed civil and structural engineer in respect of any works relating to the building extension, renovation, alteration and /or additional to any part of the unit and obtain their approval prior to commencing with the works to such building extension, renovations, alterations and/or additions.

In the event that owner shall proceed or commence with the works for the building extension, renovations, alterations and/or additions to any part of the unit without consulting and obtaining the approval from our civil and structural engineer, owner shall bear the full responsibility for all the risks and damage that may be caused to the unit and/or otherwise and we shall not be held responsible in respect of the same and further, owner shall indemnify and keep our company indemnified against all claims whatsoever in respect of aforesaid.