T2 @ Apas

We believe that smart decisions made today have tomorrow in mind. Modernisation should not be limited to just the main bustling cities, but to budding towns like Tawau as well. With a population of around 115,000 in its urban centre and over 400,000 within the entire municipality, Tawau has seen rapid growth in recent years. Coupled with its strategic location as the gateway to some of Sabah’s most iconic wildlife and marine tourist destinations such the dive island of Sipadan and the Lost World of Maliau Basin, Tawau has positioned itself as an important growth centre in Sabah.

T2@Apas is more than just concrete and steel – it is a vision of the future that holds limitless potential and promises to not only bring a modern image to Tawau but also to rejuvenate the lifestyle of its people.

Each new project we undertake is a challenge to strive for higher quality and excellence to meet the growing demands of a more astute and progressive clientele. T2@Apas will be the benchmark of this goal and one that we hope will inspire others to think outside the box in sculpting the landscape of Tawau’s commercial development today and in the future.

With every new project we undertake, we strive to do even better; Through each building we erect, we challenge ourselves to meet ever growing demands and set greater goals.

Thus like its predecessor, the daring design of T2 was meant to be a benchmark - One that we hope would inspire others to think outside the box with the future in mind.

The successful collaboration with MAK Arkitek Konsult which saw the launch of T1 Bundusan in Kota Kinabalu has once again created a significant breakthrough in Tawau with T1@Apas, a creative blend of functionality and elegance that is set to become the norm for every new project by TBMC Development Sdn Bhd.

Every detail in this bold concrete, glass and timber structure has been meticulously considered, and every material carefully selected to ensure this contemporary design meets the needs of a rapidly growing metropolitan centre of business and leisure. Large windows and concrete panels blend seamlessly to provide a facade that provides generous natural light while the use of timber cladding gives each corner a touch of style and class. Inside each unit, adequate communication lines and power points provide the necessary backbone to run a competitive business.

Structure Reinforced concrete structure.
Walls Lightweight concrete wall.
Party Walls Lightweight concrete wall.
Doors & Windows Main doors - Roller shutter
Windows - Powder coated aluminium framed windows with tinted glass panels.


Cement rendered.
Ceiling Concrete slab soffit with paint finish
Washrooms Tiled floors and walls (to ceiling height). Quality ventilator provided
Sanitary Fittings Quality sanitary fittings and accessories.
Ironmongeries Quality locksets and ironmongeries.
Mechanical & Electrical Light, telephone line and power points will be provided according to M&E engineer’s specification. Central chimney will be provided for Level 1 and 4 units only
Owners are required to consult our appointed civil and structural engineer in respect of any works relating to the building extension, renovation, alteration and /or additional to any part of the unit and obtain their approval prior to commencing with the works to such building extension, renovations, alterations and/or additions.

In the event that owner shall proceed or commence with the works for the building extension, renovations, alterations and/or additions to any part of the unit without consulting and obtaining the approval from our civil and structural engineer, owner shall bear the full responsibility for all the risks and damage that may be caused to the unit and/or otherwise and we shall not be held responsible in respect of the same and further, owner shall indemnify and keep our company indemnified against all claims whatsoever in respect of aforesaid.